Virtual and Outsourced CFO Services

Outsourced CFO Services, Australia-wide

Virtual CFO Services - Australia Wide

PremierOne offers virtual and outsourced CFO services to small and medium enterprises (SME) across Australia.Our virtual and outsourced chief financial officers (CFO) are financial experts who provide CFO services on a part-time or project basis.They cover a range of service offerings including:

  • Strategic financial advice
  • Business and profitability reviews
  • Cash flow reviews
  • Financial forecasts
  • Management accounts
  • System process reviews
  • Human resources management
  • Information technology management
  • Risk management

Our Outsourced CFOs are Float-certified!

PremierOne has partnered with Float to offer cash flow forecasting as part of our virtual andoutsourced CFO services. Float provides a real-time overview ofyour cash flow, enabling you to make confident decisions and plan for the future. Float connects into your cloud accounting software, combining your data with your predictions to produce a reliable forecast of your future cash position in the next days, weeks and months.

Looking for Float certified consultants?

Get in touch with us for more details on our Virtual CFO Services.

Looking for Float-certified Consultants?

Get in touch for details on our Virtual CFO Services.

Virtual CFO Services in Melbourne
  • Strategic financial guidance
  • Best for startups and growing small businesses
  • Accurate cashflow forecasting
  • Support that suits your budget
  • No lock-ins or surprises

Why Hire a Virtual or Outsourced CFO Over an In-house CFO?

While every company can benefit from the high-level strategy, operational fine-tuning, expertise and business contacts of a CFO, not every company is able to remunerateone full-time. An in-house hire typically requires an annual salary plus benefits which, for a C-suite executive, can be cost-prohibitive.Especially when you factor-in annual raises. Typically, an affordable CFO may lack the experience required of the role. When you hire a virtual or outsourced CFO,your dollar goes farther because you only pay for the work you need.

For a lower monthly cost, and without the requirement of benefits or annual raises, you can gain the services of a virtual or outsourced CFO with extensive experience.

In addition, you can choose to partner with a CFO who has extensive experience relating to your specific business challenges. In general, virtual or outsourced CFO agents have a wide-range of experience from which to draw. Having worked in companies like yours before, and overcome the associated challenges, you gain the skills of a seasoned professional to help achieve your growth goals.

PremierOne provides premier virtual and outsourced CFO services to small and medium enterprises Australia-wide.


Clients love our exceptional service!

Why should your Organization hire a Virtual or Outsourced CFO?

  • What is a virtual CFO's role in a growing organisation?

    If you are adding new products or expanding into new markets a virtual CFO can advise on strategy. They can also assist in cost management, risk analysis and maximising margins. 

  • Can a virtual CFO help resolve specific financial challenges?

    A virtual CFO has most likely solved challenges like yours before. They have experience designing and implementing realistic, long-term change.

  • Can a virtual CFO help with raising debt or equity capital?

    A virtual CFO can help with raising capital by providing strategy, assisting in due diligence, attending meetings to establish expertise, advising on the right combination of debt and equity financing and negotiating term sheets. 

  • Can a virtual CFO help to maximise margins?

    Virtual CFOs can help maximise margins by analysing current costs and pricing structures. Our Virtual CFOs can analyse your current financial documents to determine improvements that can be made and to help execute those improvements. 

  • Can a virtual CFO help to scale systems?

    Virtual CFOs can help scale systems to handle growth and added complexity, including financial, sales, operational or business systems. They can also make recommendations regarding new or improved systems that may be required.

  • Can we resolve the need for an interim CFO with virtual CFO?

    If an organisation is currently between CFOs, or still determining whether a full-time CFO can benefit their company, they may hire a virtual interim CFO to manage financial strategy  in the meantime. 

  • Should you consult with an external Accountant or Bookkeeper?
    Some organizations may have an in-house Accountant/Bookkeeper, but that they may not have experience overcoming a particular challenge or achieving a particular goal (such as systems design, raising capital, etc.). A Virtual CFO may consult with or advise the existing Accountant to elevate the performance of their financial team, elevate overall financial strategy, and transfer valuable skills.
  • Can a virtual CFO provide a financial forecast?

    Yes. Our virtual CFOs have extensive experience in forecasting and can provide a detailed forecast based on your long-term goals. 

  • Is a virtual CFO necessary for small businesses?

    As a company begins to grow, the need for financial planning also arises. A virtual CEO allows you to access high-calibre talent without the price-tag of an in-house hire.

  • What services are offered by PremierOne virtual CFOs?

    Our virtual CFO’s will oversee your current bookkeeping and controller staff to ensure all procedures are optimum. They also present accurate financials and ensure you are using the correct and most up-to-date financial software to best operate your business. 

  • In which locations does PremierOne provide virtual CFO services?

    Though we are located in Melbourne, we offer virtual CEO services throughout Australia.

  • Are your Virtual CFO services scalable?
    Yes. Our Virtual Services are aimed at small and medium sized companies who are expected to grow under the guidence and support of our virtual cfo's. Hence, all our virtual cfo offerings are scalable in nature.
  • What type of industries does your virtual cfo's specialize in?
    Our Virtual CFO's are specialized across multiple domains and businesses. Contact us to know how our CFO's could help you with your business.
  • How long do you typically work with clients?
    Our Virtual CFO's typically work with our clients for their lifetime.
  • What should we look for in a Virtual CFO?
    A Virtual CFO brings in a lot of value to the company, more than any accountant or bookkeeper. They are considered to be a part of your team to provide financial forecast and guidance.
  • How m any hours do virtual CFO's work?
    The amount of time spent by Virtual CFO's differs from client to client. However, they are expected to work for long hours.
  • What values does Virtual CFO's Add?
    Some of the key values brought by the Virtual CFO's to the companies are
    • Driving Financial Strategy
    • Establishing Financial Visibility
    • Creating Financial Forecasting
    • Increasing Profit Margin
    • Improving Cash Flow
    • Raising Capital
    • Product Line Optimization
  • What is the cost of virtual CFO Services with Premierone?
    The Cost of Virtual CFO Services differs based on various aspects for each client. However, Premierone provides Virtual cfo services at most affordable pricing to all our clients.
  • Do you offer virtual CFO services for small businesses?
    Yes. We offer virtual CFO services from small to medium sized enterprises across Australia.
  • What is the difference between a controller and cfo?
    A Controller is responsible for compliance and reporting of an organization while a CFO is responsible for all financial tasks namely planning, forecasting and analysis
  • What is the experience of your Virtual CFO's?
    The experience of Virtual CFO's at premierone ranges from 10 to 40 years.
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    Meet Our Team

    Maru Natarajan

    Position: Managing Director
    Phone: 0416 339 239
    Categories: Bookkeeping Services, Payroll Services, Tax Accounting, Virtual CFO Services
    Location: Australia, Melbourne
    Languages Known: Tamil, English

    With 25+ years’ professional experience working as a chief financial officer (CFO) and Financial controller level across many industries in the Australasian region, Maru has turned his focus to providing world-class financial and accounting services to small and medium Australian enterprises. Maru, along with his dedicated team of PremierOne accounting professionals, is committed to utilizing his expertise and experience to help Australian businesses flourish. He is a Fellow of CPA and a registered tax agent.

    Maru Natarajan

    Managing Director

    With 25+ years’ professional experience working as a chief financial...

    Maree Hamilton

    Position: TAX ACCOUNTANT
    Phone: 03 8761 9022
    Categories: Bookkeeping Services, Payroll Services, Tax Accounting
    Location: Australia, Melbourne

    Maree is a certified practising accountant (CPA) and member of the National Tax and Accountants’ Association. With over 20 years’ professional experience in tax, accounting and bookkeeping, Maree has a wealth of experience in dealing with businesses and the many issues they face. With certifications in Xero, Quickbooks and MYOB, Maree’s passion is helping businesses to overcome the challenges of tax and accounting, and help them adapt to the future with efficient systems. Maree prides herself on working with businesses to maximise their profits and not only reach their goals but exceed them.

    Maree Hamilton


    Maree is a certified practising accountant (CPA) and member of...

    Hirusha Jayasekara

    Position: Aged Care Accountant
    Phone: 03 8761 9022
    Categories: Bookkeeping Services, Payroll Services, Tax Accounting
    Location: Australia, Melbourne

    A commerce graduate from Deakin University, Hirusha specialises in accounting for the aged-care sector. He efficiently manages payroll, resident billing, attending to Services Australia requirements and overseeing day-to-day accounting, using sophisticated software applications.

    Hirusha Jayasekara

    Aged Care Accountant

    A commerce graduate from Deakin University, Hirusha specialises in accounting...

    Fransisco Silva

    Position: ON-CALL / VIRTUAL CFO
    Phone: 03 8761 9022
    Categories: Bookkeeping Services
    Location: Australia, Melbourne

    Francisco is a chief financial officer (CFO) with 20 years’ of professional experience with organizations such as KPMG, Shell, laxoSmithKline, Goodyear Tyres, Toll Global Logistics and Manpower. He is a Fellow of CPA, Fellow of CIMA (UK), in addition to holding a BSc. Accounting and Financial Management, post graduate diploma in Corporate and Commercial Law from Monash University and an Executive MBA from Melbourne Business School.
    Francisco is well-versed in strategic financial planning, annual budgeting, monthly forecasting, business model reviews, growth strategies, business tenders and mergers and acquisitions.

    Fransisco Silva


    Francisco is a chief financial officer (CFO) with 20 years’...

    Rohit Maru

    Position: JR Accountant .
    Phone: 03 8761 9022
    Categories: Bookkeeping Services
    Location: Australia, Melbourne

    Rohit provides administrative services and exceptional customer experience to clients. Currently studying for a double degree in Commerce and Information Technology, Rohit continuously demonstrates high levels of professionalism and will surely enjoy a long and successful career in the accounting industry.

    Rohit Maru

    JR Accountant .

    Rohit provides administrative services and exceptional customer experience to clients....

    Charitha Ranasinghe

    Position: Manager - Client Services
    Phone: 03 8761 9022
    Categories: Tax Accounting
    Location: Australia, Melbourne

    Charitha is a chartered accountant with over 12 years’ professional experience gained while working for public practice firms like Ernst & Young. He holds memberships with the CPA Australia and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka. He is actively studying to become a chartered tax advisor (CTA) and is a certified Xero advisor. Charitha is highly-proficient in financial reporting, annual budgeting, monthly forecasting, working capital management, tax compliance and payroll-related services.

    Charitha Ranasinghe

    Manager - Client Services

    Charitha is a chartered accountant with over 12 years’ professional...

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