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Payroll Outsourcing & Processing Services - Australia wide

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In our Payroll Outsourcing services, we assist with:

  • Identifying payroll policy – such as pay policy, attendance and leave policies
  • Collecting Employee data – such as personal details, TFN and Super details
  • Interstate Payroll Tax Calculations and Compliance
  • Net Pay calculations
  • Payroll planning
  • Statutory Compliance
  • Payroll accounting
  • Payouts
  • Reporting
  • Accurate and Flawless Payroll Processing and Disbursement
  • Timely Submission of reports to the Business Owners and ATO
  • Prompt Processing and Payment of Superannuation Contribution
  • EOFY STP Finalisation
  • Proper reporting of PAYG withholding to the ATO
  • Final Pay Calculations at the time of Termination of Employment.
  • Analytical reports on the wages as required by the Business Owners.
  • Accurate Management of Employees’ Entitlements such as Annual Leave, Long Service Leave and Sick Leave.

Payroll Service involves  processing and paying employees periodical wages and salaries. It is a key business function that essentially processes the gross pay of the employee to calculate ‘net pay’ after the adjustment of taxes and deductions. For an efficient payroll management process, the payroll administrator needs to plan the payroll process step-by-step. After recording the personal details of the employees such as name, age, address, Tax file number, Superannuation member, the hourly or annual rate of salary, type of employment (Permanent, Part-time, Casual) and emergency contact, tax file declaration is filed with the ATO.

Based on the payroll calendar set as weekly, fortnightly or monthly, the payroll is processed after inputting the hours worked by the employees and accordingly, the wages are calculated. With the single touch payroll reporting system introduced by the ATO, it has become one of the critical requirements to process the payroll accurately and report promptly to the ATO as well.

In addition to the periodical wages, entitlements such as Annual and Long Service leave, sick leave and superannuation are also processed and stored in the relevant cloud-based accounting application. PremierOne has extensive experience and expertise to process your business’s payroll, at a pre-agreed fee, after scoping out the work in Australia.

If you need help managing your employee Payroll, speak with us so we can help you with it.

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Payroll Processing & Outsourcing- Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is payroll tax and PAYG withholding?

    Payroll tax is the levy payable by the businesses to the state revenue offices based on the annual Australia national wages threshold stipulated for each state. It is payable either on a monthly or yearly basis. 

    PAYG withholding is the income tax applicable to your employees’ wages and salaries, which needs to be deducted from the salaries and wages payment and remitted to the ATO either monthly or quarterly, based on your gross sales turnover. 

  • What are the various employment arrangements that are commonly seen in Australia businesses?

    • Full-time employment where an employee works for a total of 38 hours a week. 

    • Part-time employment where an employee works only for a few days or hours in a week with full-time employment entitlements calculated pro-rata. 

    • Casual employment where an employee works on a casual basis with no specified hours and is not entitled to the benefits and entitlements applicable for full-time employees. 

    • Labour hire where the employee performs the work on a contract basis, with the contract start and end terms clearly defined. This is commonly seen in the Information Technology industry.

  • What are the critical factors for you to have an employee on board?

    • The age and right to work in Australia 

    • Tax residential status 

    • Adequate work cover insurance to be provided by the employer 

    • Superannuation membership 

    • Tax file number 

    • Bank account details

  • What are the significant entitlements for the full-time/part-time employees?

    • Personal/carer’s leave (formerly known as sick leave) 

    • Annual leave 

    • Long service leave 

    • Public holiday pay 

    • Compassionate leave 

  • What are the typical pay periods practised by Australian Businesses?

    • Weekly: 52 cycles per year 

    • Fortnightly: 26 cycles per year 

    • Bi-monthly: 24 cycles per year 

  • What attracts a superannuation guarantee charge (SCG) for employers?

    Wages, commission, allowances, bonuses are considered ordinary time earnings (OTE) and, accordingly, SCG is payable by the employer on such. 


    Overtime wages don’t attract a SCG. 

  • What are the various regulatory/statutory reporting obligations for the employers?

    • Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting to the ATO at the end of each pay period processing. 

    • Superannuation contribution to the nominated super funds through the clearinghouse on quarterly or monthly intervals. 

    • PAYG withholding reporting and payment to the ATO monthly or quarterly based on whether you are a small, medium or large withholder. 

    • Computation and reporting for the payroll tax on a monthly or annual basis to the respective state revenue offices based on which states your employees are located. 

    • Annual actual wages declaration to your work cover insurances (this varies for each state) based on which actual premium is determined. 

    • If you are engaged in labour hire contracts or supply services, a labour-hire licence is now mandatory. 

    • End of financial year (EOFY) STP reporting and reconciliations to produce payment summary reports to your employees and the ATO. 

  • What are the EOFY tax-saving tips and tricks?

    • Ensure the wages for June are paid and credited into the employees’ bank accounts on or before 30th June. 

    • Ensure your superannuation for the June quarter gets paid by 30th June to qualify for a tax  deduction. If it’s not possible to determine the superannuation liability for June, pay April and May at least, which will act as a tax saver for you. 

    • If you have any KPI bonus, commission, directors’fees or incentives that are payable relevant to the current financial year but could only be correctly computed and paid in the subsequent financial year, making a provision in the current financial year will also act as a tax saver. 


  • What challenges could an employer face concerning payroll?

    • Initial setting up and configuration of the employees with the proper employment classification and entitlements. 

    • Pro-rata calculations for a new start and exiting employees. 

    • Answering technical queries from employees. 

    • Calculation of the complex payroll tax obligations and potential penalties if not reported correctly.

    • Tracking of leave entitlements, especially long service leave, as it varies from state to state. 

    • Ensuring the accrued employees’ entitlements are appropriately accounted for to assess realistic business performance metrics. 

    • Frequent changes in working hours, overtime hours and pay rates requires accuracy and attention to detail. 

    • Processing of parental leave, maternity benefits, redundancy and work injury-related entitlements and payments. 

    • Correct reporting to the ATO and annual reconciliation for wages/PAYG withholding.

    • Implementing good governance and controls in my payroll process to mitigate the risk of error and fraud.

    • If your payroll system is a standalone system, periodical summary reports will get picked up  in your financial accounting systems. 

    • Remembering that KPI or performance bonuses are to be paid exclusive of a superannuation contribution.

  • What’s PremierOne's Process?

    • Setting up and configuring your payroll systems, specific to your requirements. 

    • Creating the master file data for your employees with date of birth, TFN, leave entitlements  and pay rates. 

    • Process the pay run based on timesheets and sending the draft for your approval. 

    • Once approved, we finalise the payroll, email payslips to employees, send you the electronic batch file for processing through online banking, and fulfil ATO reporting requirements through STP. 

    • Superannuation processing either monthly or quarterly based on your reporting obligations. 

    • End of financial year STP finalisation and reporting to the ATO. 

    • Month-end reporting to track the various payment categories, changes over previous pays and gross summary journal.

    • Round-the-clock support to address any queries that arise.

    • Appropriate calculation of tax for fractured pays arising due to termination and onboarding  of employees outside the normal pay calendar. 

  • Does PremierOne offer tax accounting services for small businesses?

    YesPremieroOne’s well-trained accountants, CAs and CPAs assist small and medium enterprises across Australia. We serve individuals, companies, trusts, partnerships, sole traders, small businesses and more. 

  • Do you offer tax accounting services outside of Melbourne?

    Yes. Though we are located in Melbourne, we offer tax accounting services throughout Australia.

  • What is the cost for accounting and tax services?

    Our costs vary depending on our clients’ requirements.Book your FREE 15-minute CPA consultation to learn more.

  • Why do I need an accountant?

    A good accountant does more than just prepare taxes and financial statements. They become your business mentor. Alongside their primary accounting responsibilities, they will guide you in reducing costs and utilising your finances efficiently for the growth of the organisation. They deeply analyse, interpret and convert financial data into actionable business intelligence. Accounting services include tax planning, business consulting and personal financial advice. 


  • What locations do you offer your tax accounting services in Australia?

    We are located in Melbourne but work with clients Australia-wide.

  • How experienced are your accountants?

    PremierOne is a leading tax accountancy in Australia with a team of highly-experienced and dedicated tax experts. The average experience of each of our tax accountants ranges from 10 to 40 years. 

  • Consult with an external Accountant or Bookkeeper for my small business?
    Some small business organizations may have an in-house Accountant/Bookkeeper, but that they may not have experience overcoming a particular challenge or achieving a particular goal (such as systems design, raising capital, etc.). A Virtual CFO may consult with or advise the existing Accountant to elevate the performance of their financial team, elevate overall financial strategy, and transfer valuable skills.
  • How can financial forecasts help my small businesses?

    For small businesses, forecasts serve a variety of purposes, including budgeting, fundraising, analysing the health of a company, projecting growth, restructuring and more. This information helps you to achieve your long-term goals. 

  • Can small businesses claim for work-related expenses during tax returns?

    PremierOne helps small businesses navigate which work-related expenses can be claimed.

  • What payroll software do you recommend for small business owners?

    PremierOne offers payroll services across multiple platforms. For small and medium enterprises we recommend Xero or MYOB.

  • Can you support small businesses working from home?
    Yes. At PremierOne, though we are located in melbourne we offer online services throughout Australia for medium and small businesses for all tax & accounting needs
  • What advice do you have for small business owners looking to retire?

    The key to early retirement is good succession planning. A realistic and achievable plan will help you make a transition out of your small business. Our expert team can assist in with all legal obligations and documentation.

  • Can you help small businesses if they haven't filed tax returns for 5+ years?
    Yes. PremierOne supports small businesses who are behind in their tax filing.
  • Can you help small businesses correct issues in their tax returns?

    Yes. We help small businesses to correct any issues that occurred in their previous tax returns.

  • Can clients reach out after hours in cases of emergency?

    Yes. We accept calls outside of working hours in cases of emergency. 

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