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Do you have a business? Need a professional to manage your books of accounts, Payroll and ATO compliance? Look no further!

With over 50 years of combined team experience we’ve been helping individuals, families and businesses with their accounts, taxation and finances.
We are one of the most experienced Tax Accounting, Bookkeeping and CFO services Australia-Wide, based in Melbourne.We focus on delivering highly productive and efficient payroll, accounting, and bookkeeping services.
We take a comprehensive approach to cater to business services. Our business advisory and tax accounting services provide tailored solutions to your needs, whether a startup or an established business. At Premier One, we offer much more than just accounting.
With a one-on-one personalised meeting, we understand your business and we work with you to minimise your taxes and grow your profitability.
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  • Reliable Service
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  • Proactive Approach
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  • Qualified, Trained and Experienced Staff.

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Premier One is a CPA & Tax practice. Contact us to use the best bookkeeping,virtual CFO, compliance, and tax accounting services Australia-wide.

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Payroll Solutions


★ Experienced CPA Accountants

★ Business Tax

★ Personal Tax

★ Investment Property Tax

★ Registered Tax Agents


Xero/MYOB Accountright Bookkeeping

 We offer Xero & MYOB Accountright bookkeeping services with the aim of making your bookkeeping easier. Monitoring your profitability and cash flow on a monthly basis is important for every business, no matter the size.





Virtual CFO

★ Cash Flow forecasting & Budgeting

★ Monthly Management Accounting Board Reports

★ Systems, Processes and Procedures review

★ Independent review of your In-house accounting/bookkeeping

★ Profit and Cash Flow Reporting & Recommendations

★ Business Financial Health Check-up.

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All our staff are highly qualified & well experienced, all working under supervision and guidance of CPAs with extensive industry experience.

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We strive to reduce your tax bill, increase profit margins and scale your business, all covered under a budget friendly fee.

Personal Attention That Produces Results

We are your trusted partner in success, offering full range of specialized services with individual attention that you deserve.

Valued Relationships with Our Clients

We always build a trusting and valuable relationship with our clients, ensuring years long association & service satisfaction.

Unlimited Email and Phone Support

We offer unlimited phone & email support to our clients ensuring smooth running of their business functions at all times.

Proven & Robust Software Systems

Our standardized processes and efficient Project Management system helps to communicate with you clearly and efficiently.

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Aged Care Facility

Information Technology

Energy & Environment


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Medical Clinic Facilities


Aviation Engineering

Printing Technology

International Student Enrollment Services

Painting & Arts

Automobile Servicing

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Payroll Tax and PAYG Withholding?

    Payroll tax is the levy payable by the businesses to the state revenue offices based on the annual Australia national wages threshold stipulated for each state. It is payable either on a monthly or yearly basis.
    PAYG Withholding is the income tax applicable to your employees’ wages and salaries, which needs to be deducted from the salaries & wages payment and remitted to the ATO either monthly or quarterly, based on your gross sales turnover.

  • What are the various employment arrangements that are commonly seen in Australia Businesses?

    • Full-time Employment where an employee works for a total of 38 hours a week.
    • Part-time Employment where an employee works only for a few days or hours in a week with full-time employment entitlements calculated pro-rata.
    • Casual Employment where an employee works on a casual basis with no specified hours and is not entitled to the benefits and entitlements applicable for full-time employees.
    • Labour Hire: The employees perform the work on a contract basis, with the contract start and end terms clearly defined. Commonly seen in the Information Technology industry

  • What are the critical factors for you to have an employee on board?

    • The age and work rights to work in Australia
    • Tax residential Status
    • Adequate Work cover insurance to be provided by the employer
    • Superannuation membership
    • Tax File Number
    • Bank Account details

  • What are the significant entitlements for the full-time/part-time employees?

    • Sick leave
    • Annual Leave
    • Long Service Leave
    • Public Holiday Pay
    • Compassionate Leave

  • What are the various Pay periods widely practised by the Australian Business?

    Three Widely practised pay periods are as below,

    • Weekly-52 Weeks in a year
    • Fortnightly- 26 Fortnights in a year
    • Bi-monthly-24 bi-months in a year

  • What attracts the SCG (Superannuation Guarantee Charge) for the employers?

    Wages, Commission, Allowances, Bonuses and similar such names are construed as OTE (ordinary time earnings), and accordingly, SCG is payable by the employer on such earnings of their employees.
    Overtime wages don’t attract a superannuation guarantee charge.

  • What are the various regulatory/statutory reporting obligations for the employers?

    • Single Touch Payroll Reporting to the ATO at the end of each pay period processing.
    • Superannuation contribution to the nominated super funds through the clearinghouse on quarterly or monthly intervals.
    • PAYG Withholding reporting and payment to the ATO monthly or quarterly based on whether you are a small, medium or large withholder.
    • Computation and reporting for the payroll tax on a monthly or annual basis to the respective state revenue offices based on which states your employees are located.
    • Annual Actual wages declaration to your work cover insurances ( again varies for each state) based on which actual premium is determined.
    • If you are engaged in Labour Hire contracts/Supply Services, a labour-hire licence has recently been made mandatory.
    • End of Financial year (EOFY) STP reporting and reconciliations to produce payment summary reports to your employees and the ATO.

  • What are the EOFY Tax-Saving Tips and Tricks?

    • Ensure the wages for June are paid and credited into the employees’ bank accounts on or before 30th June.
    • Ensure your Superannuation for the June Quarter gets paid by 30th June to qualify for a tax deduction. If not possible to estimate/determine the superannuation liability for June, pay Apr & May at least, which will act as a tax saver for you.
    • If you have any KPI Bonus, Commission, Directors Fee, Incentives etc., that are payable relevant to the current financial year but could only be correctly computed and paid in the subsequent financial year, make a provision in the current financial year will also act as a tax saver.

  • What are the possible challenges an Employer Could face concerning the Payroll?

    • Initial setting up and configuration of the employees with the proper employment classification and entitlements
    • Pro-rata calculations for a new start and quitting/resigning/terminated employees
    • Answering the technical queries from the employees
    • Calculation of the complex payroll tax obligations and potential penalties if not reported correctly.
    • Tracking of the leave entitlements, especially the Long Service Leave, as it varies from state to state.
    • Ensuring the accrued employees’ entitlements are appropriately accounted for in the accounts of accounts to assess the realistic business performance metrics.
    • Frequent changes in the working hours, overtime hours and pay rates would require someone capable of processing these correctly.
    • Processing of parental leave, maternity benefits, redundancy and work injury-related entitlements and payments.
    • Correct reporting to ATO and annual reconciliation for the wages/PAYG WH reported to the ATO with the payroll system.
    • Do I have good governance and controls in my payroll process to mitigate the risk of error and fraud?
    • If your payroll system is a standalone system, periodical summary reports will get picked up in your financial accounting systems.
    • Suppose the KPI or performance bonus is meant to be paid as super exclusive, in 8/10 cases. In that case, it gets processed with superannuation, which goes unnoticed by the employers and does cause a severe negative impact on the bottom line.

  • What’s PremierOne's Process?

    • Setting up and configuring your payroll systems, specific to your requirements.
    • Creating the master file data for your employees with date of birth, TFN, leave entitlements and pay rates.
    • After getting the timesheet from you, we shall process the pay and send the draft for your approval.
    • Once approved, we shall finalise the payroll, email the payslips to your employees, send you the payment electronic batch file for you to process through online banking and reporting to the ATO through STP.
    • Superannuation processing either monthly or quarterly based on your reporting obligations.
    • End of financial year STP finalisation and reporting to the ATO.
    • Month end reports for you to track the various payment categories, changes over the previous pays,gross summary journal for your accounts department to account for the payroll.
    • Round the clock support to address queries/issues coming from you and your employees.
    • Appropriate calculation of tax for fractured pays arising due to termination and onboarding of employees outside the normal pay calendar.

  • Does Premier One do Tax Accounting Services for small businesses?

    Yes Premier One’s well trained accountants, CA’s and CPA’s are assisting small to medium sized enterprises across Australia. Few Areas we serve are
    Individuals, Companies, Trusts, Partnerships, Sole trades, small businesses and many more

  • Do you offer tax accounting services in Sydney?

    Yes though we are primarily located in Melbourne, We offer tax accounting services throughout our clients in Australia.

  • What is the cost for Accounting & tax services?

    The cost of our Accounting and Tax services vary depending on various reasons for our clients. But we assure to provide our services at best possible price.

  • Why do i need an accountant?

    A good accountant does more than just prepare taxes and prepare financial statements for your concern. They are like your business mentor. Along with their primary responsibility of accounting they will guide you in reducing the cost and utilizing the finances efficiently for the growth of the organization.They deeply analyse, interpret and convert financial data into actionable business intelligence. Accounting services include tax planning, business consulting and personal financial advice.

  • What locations do you offer your tax accounting services in Australia?

    We are located in Melbourne and serving our clients across all the states in Australia.

  • What is the experience of your accountants?

    PremierOne is a leading tax accountant in Australia with highly experienced and dedicated tax experts. The experience of our Tax Accountants ranges from 10 to 40 years.

  • Consult with an external Accountant or Bookkeeper for my small business?

    Some small business organizations may have an in-house Accountant/Bookkeeper, but that they may not have experience overcoming a particular challenge or achieving a particular goal (such as systems design, raising capital, etc.). A Virtual CFO may consult with or advise the existing Accountant to elevate the performance of their financial team, elevate overall financial strategy, and transfer valuable skills.

  • what is the need to Provide a financial forecast for small businesses?

    For small businesses, forecasts are needed for a variety of purposes, including budgeting, fundraising, analyzing the health of a company, projecting growth, restructuring etc. A good Virtual CFO in addition to an experienced accountant will have extensive experience in forecasting for small business and medium business. Hence, they will provide a detailed forecast based on your long-term goals.

  • Can small businesses claim for work related expenses during tax returns?

    Yes, our tax accountants from premierone will help with the business claims for the individuals,small business and others, throughout Australia from melbourne during accounting and also while filing the tax returns.

  • What payroll software do you suggest for small business owners?

    PremierOne offers payroll services across multiple softwares. However, for medium and small businesses we suggest using Xero and Myob softwares as they are widely used.

  • Can you support small businesses working from home?

    Yes. At PremierOne, though we are located in melbourne we offer online services throughout Australia for medium and small businesses for all tax & accounting needs

  • What advise do you have for small business owners looking to retire?

    Premierone believes in one simple term – planning.
    Small businesses must plan for a good succession plan in place, after which your transition out of your small business will happen more easily.
    Make sure your succession plan is realistic and achievable.
    our expert team will assist in the legal formalities and documentation for the transition.

  • Can you help for small businesses if they haven't filed tax returns for 5 or more years?

    Yes. Premierone supports small businesses by providing tax accounting services though they have backlog in tax filing. We will help the small businesses to sortout and clear the backlogs. We support businesses throughout Australia, Melbourne.

  • Can you help for small businesses to fix issues in their tax returns?

    Yes. We help small businesses to fix issues in their previous tax returns if any.

  • Can Clients reach out to you during weekends in case of Emergency?

    Yes Our Clients can reach out to us after working hours and on weekends too by mobile or email in case of emergency.

  • What is bookkeeping and what are its importance?

    Bookkeeping is the process of recording all your financial transactions into accounts on a regular basis preferable everyday. It is really essential for understanding your business performance and for preparing financial reports.

  • What does a bookkeeper do for a small business?

    A small business bookkeeper is able to take care of the financial aspects of a small business that a busy Small Business Owner would usually have to handle, despite it often not being in their area of expertise.

  • Why outsource my accounting department?

    Let a professional do a professional’s job. If you are like most business owners and CEOs, you take full pride in the services or products your company provides. You want to focus your time and energy on business strategy and goals. Outsourcing the accounting department to a dedicated, highly skilled professional services firm allows you to do exactly that. By outsourcing your accounting to PremierOne you’ll save valuable time in your day, reduce operating costs and gain peace of mind.

  • What locations do you offer your Bookkeeper's outsourcing services in Australia?

    Though we are located in Melbourne we outsource our bookkeeper’s to all states across Australia.

  • Where is your office Located?

    Our Office is located in Melbourne, Victoria. Our complete address : Suite 225, Waterman Business Centre, 44 Lakeview Drive, Scoresby, Victoria – 3179.

  • What are the duties of a bookkeeper?

    Bookkeepers are primarily responsible for maintaining the details of all the transactions done. Some of his responsibilities include Payment remittance, submitting the payments, recording payments in ledgers etc.. some Bookkeepers also take the additional responsibility of sending reminders for payments to be received to the client and track if it is received.

  • What should a bookkeeper know for bookkeeping?

    Our bookkeepers should become familiar with your chart of accounts for recording your financial statements. Bookkeepers would also reconcile your bank accounts.

  • Can your bookkeepers do account receivable?

    Yes Premierone’s bookkeepers are well equipped to keep track of your account receivable of your business.

  • What is the difference between a bookkeeper and accounting clerk?

    Our bookkeepers will act as the main accounting professional for entire accounts of small business enterprises, while accountants would be able to manage only specific account types.

  • How much would it cost for availing outsourced bookkeepers from premierone?

    The Cost for bookkeepers vary depending on multiple factors for small businesses . However we guarantee you that we provide bookkeeping at most affordable price in the industry.

  • Can your Bookkeeper provide financial advice?

    Our Bookkeepers provide data which can be used for understanding the financial status of small businesses. For financial advice and forecasts you can use our Virtual CFO services.

  • what is the minimum duration commitment for availing bookkeepers of premierone?

    You can avail bookkeepers from a minimum of 5 hours depending on your need.

  • Can your outsourced bookkeepers do Xero Bookkeeping?

    Yes our bookkeepers are experienced in Xero bookkeeping and are already doing Xero bookkeeping services for multiple clients.

  • Can your outsourced bookkeepers do Myob Bookkeeping?

    Yes our bookkeepers are experienced in Myob bookkeeping and are already doing Xero bookkeeping services for multiple clients.

  • what is Virtual CFO's role in Growing Organisation?

    Are you currently undergoing growth such as adding new products or expanding into new markets? A Virtual CFO may have experience with similar products, markets, or industry and can advise on strategy. The Virtual CFO can also assist in cost management, risk analysis, and maximizing margins.

  • Can Virtual CFO offer helping hand in resolving a financial challenge?

    A Virtual CFO has most likely solved challenges like yours before and has experience knowing how to most effectively design and implement realistic, long-term change. Hence they can guide you better in resolving the financial challenges of your organization.

  • Virtual CFo's help with Raising Debt or Equity Capital

    An Virtual CFO can help with raising capital by providing strategy, assisting in due diligence, attending meetings to establish expertise, advising on the right combination of debt and equity financing, and to negotiating term sheets.

  • Virtual CFO's for Maximizing margins

    Virtual CFO’s can help maximize margins by analyzing current costs and pricing structures. Our Virtual CFO will be able to analyze your current financial documents to determine improvements that can be made, and to help execute those improvements.

  • Virtual CFO's help in scaling your systems

    Virtual CFO’s can help in scaling your systems to handle growth and added complexity, including financial, sales, operational, or business systems; new or improved systems need to be put in place.

  • Can we resolve need for an interim CFO with Virtual CFO?

    If an organization is currently between CFOs or still determining whether a full-time CFO can benefit their company, they may hire a Virtual interim CFO to manage financial strategy in the meantime.

  • Should you consult with an external Accountant or Bookkeeper?

    Some organizations may have an in-house Accountant/Bookkeeper, but that they may not have experience overcoming a particular challenge or achieving a particular goal (such as systems design, raising capital, etc.). A Virtual CFO may consult with or advise the existing Accountant to elevate the performance of their financial team, elevate overall financial strategy, and transfer valuable skills.

  • Can Virtual CFO provide a financial forecast?

    Virtual CFO’s are needed for a variety of purposes, including budgeting, fundraising, analyzing the health of a company, projecting growth, restructuring etc. A good Virtual CFO will have extensive experience in forecasting and will provide a detailed forecast based on your long-term goals.

  • Is Virtual CFO necessary for small businesses?

    As the company begins to grow, the need for financial planning also arises.Hence, it is inevitable to hire a seasoned professional for managing your finances. Instead of hiring a full time professional small businesses are availing our virtual cfo services across Australia( Melbourne, Perth, Sydney etc..)

  • What services are offered by Virtual CFO's in Premierone?

    Our Virtual CFO’s will oversee your current bookkeeping and controller staff to ensure all procedures have right validation and balances to strengthen security. They also present accurate financials. Our Virtual CFO’s will also ensure you are using the correct and most up-to-date financial software to best operate your business.

  • Which locations does Premierone provide Virtual CFO services?

    Premierone provides virtual CFO services across all locations in Australia. Few Cities we majorly serve are Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Scoresby etc..

  • Our Blogs

    Meet Our Team

    Maru Natarajan

    Position: Managing Director
    Phone: 0416 339 239
    Categories: Bookkeeping Services, Payroll Services, Tax Accounting, Virtual CFO Services
    Location: Australia, Melbourne
    Languages Known: Tamil, English
    Maru has more than 25 years’ experience of working as the CFO/Financial Controller for a variety of Industries in the Australasia regions. He is a fellow CPA and a Registered Tax Agent.

    Maru Natarajan

    Managing Director

    Maru has more than 25 years’ experience of working as...


    Position: Manager - Client Services
    Phone: 03 8761 9022
    Categories: Tax Accounting
    Location: Australia, Melbourne
    Religious view: Neutral
    Charitha is a Chartered Accountant with over 12 years of experience gained while working for Public Practice firms, including Ernst & Young. He holds Memberships with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka and CPA Australia, actively studying for Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA) designation. He is a certified Xero advisor. Charitha is very much capable in Financial Reporting, Annual Budgeting, Monthly Forecasting, Working Capital Management, Tax Compliance and Payroll Related Services.


    Manager - Client Services

    Charitha is a Chartered Accountant with over 12 years of...


    Position: Aged Care Accountant
    Phone: 03 8761 9022
    Categories: Bookkeeping Services, Payroll Services, Tax Accounting
    Location: Australia, Melbourne
    A Commerce Graduate from Deakin University,Hirusha is our new accountant specializing and looking after the Aged Care Facility clients. He takes care of the payroll, resident’s billing, attending to Services Australia communications and day-to-day accounting, using sophisticated Software applications.


    Aged Care Accountant

    A Commerce Graduate from Deakin University,Hirusha is our new accountant...

    Fransisco Silva

    Position: ON-CALL / VIRTUAL CFO
    Phone: 03 8761 9022
    Categories: Bookkeeping Services
    Location: Australia, Melbourne
    Francisco is a CFO with 20 years exposure at best in class, complex organisations KPMG, Shell, GlaxoSmithKline, Goodyear Tyres, Toll Global Logistics and Manpower Group covering a diverse range of industries. He holds several accounting and business qualifications including Fellowship of CPA, Fellowship of CIMA(UK), B.Sc. Accountancy & Financial Management, Post Grad Diploma in Corporate & Commercial Law from Monash University and Executive MBA from Melbourne Business School. Francisco is very capable in the areas including: Strategic Financial Planning, Annual Budgeting, Monthly Forecasting. , Business model reviews and changes in order to enable growth, Tendering for new businesses, and Mergers and Acquisitions.

    Fransisco Silva


    Francisco is a CFO with 20 years exposure at best...

    Maree Hamilton

    Position: TAX ACCOUNTANT
    Phone: 03 8761 9022
    Categories: Bookkeeping Services, Payroll Services, Tax Accounting
    Location: Australia, Melbourne
    Maree is a Certified Practising Accountant and Member of National Tax and Accountant’s Association. With over 20 years experience in Tax, Accounting and Bookkeeping, Maree has a wealth of experience in dealing with businesses and the many issues they face. With certifications in Xero, Quickbooks & MYOB, Maree‘s passion is helping businesses to understand the challenges of Tax and Accounting, and to adapt to the future with efficient systems, while giving them an understanding of how to maximise their profits and not only to reach their goals, but exceed them.

    Maree Hamilton


    Maree is a Certified Practising Accountant and Member of National...


    Position: JR Accountant .
    Phone: 03 8761 9022
    Categories: Bookkeeping Services
    Location: Australia, Melbourne
    With prominent skills and experience, we bring into the team Rohit who constantly aims to provide solutions and strives to make a difference. Aspiring to become the contemporary accountant, he has continuously demonstrated high levels of professionalism whilst delivering results in the form of laudable administrative services and exceptional customer experience. En route to soon attain his professional qualification through a double degree in commerce and Information Technology, Rohit is a key addition to the team.


    JR Accountant .

    With prominent skills and experience, we bring into the team...

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